Our Top Five Favourite Jewellery Cleaners


Statement jewellery can take your look from zero to 10 and make even the barest of outfits look pulled together. But over time, your favourite jewels tend to lose their shine, becoming dull and not-so-hot. To help breathe some life back into your accessories, we’ve rounded up our top five favourite jewellery cleaners for the busy girl-on-the-go. 

1. Baublerella Bling Brush

    The Baublerella Bling Brush adds a new twist to traditional jewellery cleaners. The brush uses a twist-up technique and has a bristled head to sweep the dirt off your jewellery, giving it a quick clean on the go. The small pen is easy to carry around so you can shine your baubles any place, any time. For added shine, polish the jewellery with a dry fabric once you’re done the brushing.

    2. Simple Shine Complete Jewellery Cleaning Kit

      The Simple Shine Jewellery Kit comes with everything you need to clean your accessories while you’re at a fancy gala, doing groceries, or passing the time at your desk. All you need to do is dip the brush (included in the kit) into the solution and gently dab the jewellery. This multi-purpose cleaning solution is free from toxic additives and perfect for gemstones and metals alike.

      3. Silver Jewellery Polishing Mitt

        Are you looking for a handy jewellery cleaner? We’ve got you covered. These mittens by Links of London come with an anti-tarnishing agent infused into the glove. Made from 100 percent cotton, the mittens are incredibly soft and perfect for cleaning silver and silver-plated products. Silver jewellery tends to scratch easily, so the cotton material gives your favourite pieces a gentle clean.

        4. Magnasonic Professional Ultrasonic Jewellery Cleaner


        The super-sleek and efficient Magnasonic Professional Ultrasonic jewellery cleaner is one of the best products on the market. For the girl who loves her bling, this handy machine comes with five pre-set cleaning cycles to give you the desired level of cleanliness. It creates ultrasonic waves to deep clean your jewellery without the use of chemicals or soap. This versatile machine can also be used to polish items like sunglasses and watches.

        5. Caribbean Gem Banana & Coconut Oil Jewellery Cleaner

          Give your bling a brand-new look with this Caribbean Gem Banana & Coconut Oil jewellery cleaner. This is an inexpensive alternative to polishing your jewellery by hand that uses a simple soaking technique. It can be used for everything from precious/semi-precious gemstones, to costume and antique jewellery.

          These five jewellery cleaners are guaranteed to get the grime off your accessories and give your bling some significant sparkle! In addition to the occasional polish, read these tips for making your jewellery last.