How To Make Your Jewellery Last

We've all been there. You buy the cutest necklace from a craft fair and after wearing it every single day, rain or shine, morning or night, it's starting to tarnish and doesn't look as great as it once did. Unfortunately, this is common with materials that aren't sterling silver or real gold. Luckily, we've rounded up some tips on how to make your jewellery last. 

Keep It Clean

Like anything, keeping your jewellery clean increases its longevity and ensures it will last much longer. Be mindful of the materials the pieces are made of before cleaning. Real silver and gold jewellery can be cleaned with this DIY cleaner, but other pieces that are made of non-traditional materials should be spot cleaned more carefully and not soaked. 

Keep It Dry

Avoid wearing your jewellery while showering, swimming, or working out as the moisture could damage the pieces. This is also true for sleeping. Make removing your jewellery a part of your bedtime routine so you don't forget!

Put It On Last

Minimize the jewellery's exposure to hand creams, moisturizers, perfumes, essential oil blends and other beauty products. Make your jewellery the last thing you put on before going out for the day to avoid hairspray or perfume coating the surface.

Store It Properly

Store jewellery in a cool, dry environment. Any dampness can cause oxidization which turns your sparkly jewels from fab to drab. With that said, avoid storing jewellery in the bathroom - it's the worst spot for it!

Don't Wear It Every Day

To preserve the life of your jewellery, don't wear it every single day. It's difficult when you've just purchased something you're head over heels for, but costume jewellery and anything that is not real gold or silver can experience discoloration much quicker. Take a break and mix up your accessories from time to time.

With these tips, you'll be wearing your favourite accessories for years to come! Keep them clean, switch up your look and you'll have no problem making your jewellery last.