8 Grown-Up Birthday Party Ideas

Growing up, birthdays consisted of themed parties and busting open a piñata in the backyard. However, as we grow older, things tend to get a little routine. While there’s nothing wrong with having a low key birthday, your special day comes but once a year and is a great time to have some guilt-free fun. Here are some fun and creative grown-up birthday party ideas to celebrate your next milestone — no matter how old. 

 1. Host a wine tasting

Who doesn’t love an excuse to enjoy a good glass (aka bottle) of vino? Your birthday is the perfect time to gather all your friends and host a wine tasting. In addition to your favourite bottle of pinot,  create a beautiful charcuterie board with a mix of fruits, cheese and crackers, like this one. Your guests can experience some new flavours while reminiscing on the good times.

 2. Jewellery making party

A great way to celebrate your big day is to organize a fun activity for your friends, like crafting some custom jewellery pieces. Create a DIY jewellery bar with different beads and findings at home. If you’re feeling more playful, create edible candy like it’s the 1990s all over again.

 3. Take a cooking class

If you want to improve your cooking skills and have fun while doing it, consider taking a cooking class with your pals on your birthday. Make it a night to remember with a tasty homemade meal, or have a chef come over and teach you how to make a meal at home.

 4. Themed party

Who says themed parties are only for kids? Make your big day an exciting one with a fun and unique theme. You can throw a Great Gatsby Party where you can show-off your flapper dresses and dapper suits, or bring your favourite destination home with an Italian or Greek-themed party. Easily incorporate the theme into various elements of the party from the décor to the food.

 5. DIY cocktail bar

No party is complete without some drinks, so why not make a DIY cocktail bar to get the party started? Instead of the same old liquor, you can have a mimosa or margarita bar where guests can mix their own drinks. Alternatively, you can hire a professional mixologist who can create a unique menu for your special day.

 6. Goodie bag

No party is complete without some fun goodies, so take this opportunity to get creative with your favours. If you’re into crafting, you can include some handmade trinkets, a mini bottle of rosé or some stylish jewellery — like these studs. It’s the perfect way to show your friends how much you appreciate them joining your birthday festivities.

 7. Unique table-setting


If you’re hosting a dinner for your birthday, you’re likely to spend a considerable amount of time at the table. Make your celebration more personalized with some creative table settings. You can opt for a theme depending on the season or add a personal touch like this bouquet with photos.

 8. Have a self-care day

Your birthday is the perfect excuse to treat yourself, so gather your closest friends and get pampered with a yummy brunch followed by a manicure or massage. If you're on a budget, you can do an at-home version with some DIY face masks and a movie.