Gift Ideas For Jewellery Lovers (Other Than Jewellery)


Gifting jewellery can be a kind and special gesture. But what do you do for the girl who owns everything? If you have a friend or family member who’s into jewellery, chances are they’d appreciate something special to showcase their pieces. Lucky for you, we’ve rounded up some thoughtful gift ideas for the jewellery lover in your life. 

 1. Travel case

Packing for a trip can often be a tedious task. When it comes to your jewellery, we find ourselves untangling necklaces from a large gold and silver ball when we finally reach our destination. A fool-proof way to avoid this is with an accessory case to keep your pieces safe and organized while on the go. Our new travel case is a fool-proof way to keep your jewels intact, and it seamlessly fits into a carry-on, purse or luggage.

 2. Jewellery stand

A gorgeous jewellery stand not only helps show off your favourite pieces, it can make accessories a breeze. For your smaller ornaments, like rings and bracelets, opt for this Aileen jewellery stand by Anthropologie. The mirrored stand is perfect for your vanity and comes with a mirror for a last-minute check before you head out the door.

 3. Jewellery cleaner

To ensure your pieces look their best all year round, you should give them the occasional polish to keep them shining bright. Metals like silver and gold can accumulate grime causing them to tarnish. Thankfully, numerous jewellery cleaners can restore their sparkle, and we have a list of the best jewellery cleaners to get you started.

 4. Jewellery box

Buying new jewellery pieces can be super exciting, but stashing theminto a drawer makes them difficult to find, and it can quickly turn into a hot mess. If your jewellery-loving bestie loves collecting new pieces, a special storage box is the perfect gift. This golden frame glass jewellery box comes with two storage compartments with a luxe gold trim. They'll be able to see their prized pieces inside while keeping them in tip top shape.

 5. Ring holder

While rings can add some major bling to your fingers, they’re also incredibly easy to lose. A ring holder is a perfect way to keep all the small baubles in one spot. Not only does it help you stay organized, but it also doubles as an art piece for your dresser, like these clay speckled ring cones from Etsy.