Everything You Need To Know About Essential Oil Jewellery

It’s easy to get caught up in the daily grind and forget to take time to re-centre. You’ve got a mile-long to-do list and can’t seem to find the time to hit pause. But a girl’s got things to do and places to be, so sometimes taking a break isn’t in the cards.

Enter essential oil jewellery — a way to carry the benefits of aromatherapy with you on-the-go without having to take extra time out of your busy schedule.

Maybe you’ve dabbled in aromatherapy at home by using an essential oil diffuser or rollerball, but you’re not quite sure how they can be used with fashionable accessories. We've got you covered with everything you need to know about essential oil jewellery!

What Is Essential Oil Jewellery?

Essential oil jewellery is typically made with semi-precious stones and lava rocks, which are porous, giving you the ability to apply essential oils on the beads for aromatherapy. There are many different styles of essential oil jewellery out there, from necklaces to bracelets, that seamlessly fit into your everyday wardrobe for a discrete, and oh-so-stylish way to mellow out.

How Do You Use Essential Oils With Jewellery?

Adding a few drops of your favourite oil to the lava beads on your essential oil jewellery can provide hours of aromatherapy. Add one or two drops of your favourite blend onto the lava beads with a cotton swab and enjoy the therapeutic benefits all day long.  A little oil goes a long way here, so don’t add too much.

Pro tip: if you’re applying oil to a bracelet, roll up your sleeve before the application to prevent staining your clothes, or apply the oil to your pieces before putting them on for the day.

If you’re new to using essential oils, be careful when using them directly on your skin. Some people can have adverse reactions, so you may want to spot test before you go all in. Test a small amount first and never add more than a few drops.

How Do You Care For Essential Oil Jewellery?

We recommend only applying essential oils to the lava beads of your favourite piece. Over time, if the oil is applied to the findings of the jewellery, such as on the clasp or rings, it can tarnish and lose its shine.

A good practice is to wipe down your jewellery after each wear. This cleans away any excess oil and build-up and will help make your jewellery last.

What Are The Best Essential Oils To Use With Jewellery?

When choosing an essential oil product to use with your jewellery, carefully read the label to ensure you’re using a 100% pure product that is free from harmful additives. Often, manufacturers replace the real thing for synthetics that resembles the scent but have nothing to do with its restorative properties. Source your oils from reputable companies like Young Living or doTERRA, or local producers from farms in your community.

With so many scents to chose from, it’s really up to you which oil you’d like to diffuse, but we’re big fans of peppermint and lavender. You can actually add a 1ml sample bottle to any of our essential oil bracelets!

Peppermint is an energizing scent that can help improve concentration, aids with digestion and alleviates headaches. Lavender is a calming scent that can help you relax and relieve stress when you’re feeling tense. It’s also great to use for a good night’s sleep.

Have questions about using essential oil jewellery? Get in touch!