How We Make Our Real Leaf Jewellery

Did you know our leaf accessories are made with real leaves? Yep, born and bread by Mather Nature herself, meaning you get a truly one-of-a-kind accessory every time.

Each leaf or seed is carefully hand-picked from the forest floor for its size and shape before being transformed into a unique pendant or ornament. After the perfect leaves are selected, they are dried then dipped into a special solution to remove its tissue leaving behind the vein structure.

Through a process called electroplating, each leaf is then coated in a layer of copper to create a durable base and to maintain the unique details of each leaf. They are then finished in fine silver or 24k gold and sprayed with an anti-tarnish coating to lock in the shine and brilliant metallic finish.

We work with a North American family-owned business to create the unique pendants used in our collection and are always dreaming up new ideas and concepts.