How to Get Out of a Jewellery Rut


You’re a jewellery aficionado and love the pieces you own, but this relationship can quickly turn sour as you find yourself reaching for the same earrings and bracelets time and time again. As you wear the same jewellery every day, you tend to get bored to the point where you never want to see those pieces again. If you find yourself in a rut and uninspired by the accessories you own, here are a few ways to reignite your love again!

 Buy a show-stopping statement piece


While we like to pair our casual outfits with simpler pieces, they can get boring pretty quickly. If you find yourself in such a situation, take the road less travelled with some statement jewellery. When shopping for pieces, look for accessories that accentuate your attire. A chunky necklace or some large earrings can renew your love for jewellery in a pinch.

 Layer the pieces you already have

Frequently buying new jewels can become challenging — and hard of your wallet. Luckily you can create a whole new look by layering the piece you already have in different ways. You can wear two or three chains at once or even a couple of bracelets.

Try a new jewellery trend

Jewellery trends change by the season, and if you find yourself in a jewellery rut, switching up your style can help you get more excited about accessorizing. Whether it’s 90s jewellery like a choker or body chains, trying out a new trend makes it easier to accessorize your attire. You can get some inspiration from your favourite fashion influencers or create your own. Either way, your new jewellery can give you a fun new look.

Don’t be afraid to mix materials


When we think of jewellery, it’s usually gold and silver, but wearing the two shades together can pull out of that rut and make your jewellery collection more fun. Consider investing in some unique pieces like gemstones and pearls that you can mix with the metals you own. Or even create a statement look with some fringe earrings or bracelets made of wood, giving your accessories a whole new vibe.

If you find yourself in a jewellery rut, get out of your comfort zone and try something new. Try different types of jewellery, focusing on materials and colour, or layer on your existing pieces in unique ways. You’ll find new love for your accessories and make your personal style shine.