How To Choose Your Bridesmaid Jewellery

There are a million little details that make your big day special. From the place settings to your nail colour, you've curated a magical day you and your loved ones will cherish for years to come. One of the final details is choosing your bridesmaid jewellery. With so many styles to choose from and trends to follow, this simple yet important task can feel a bit overwhelming. 

You may have questions on whether they should all match, if you should let you girls choose their own jewels, or if they should wear jewellery at all, so we've rounded up some helpful tips on how to choose your bridesmaid jewellery. 

Stick to your wedding colours

Choosing your bridesmaid jewellery based on your wedding colours is an easy way to make your decision. If your main colour is navy and has an accent of gold, opt for gold-toned jewellery to tie into that theme. Better yet, if your bridesmaid's dresses all match, pairing up jewellery in a similar shade may be the best way to go.

Consider their dress necklines

Not all necklines are created equal, which may be the case for your wedding party. If your girls are wearing strapless dresses, you have more freedom with the size and style of the necklaces you may choose. But if you're working with a one-shoulder dress, you may decide a pair of statement earrings work better. A big trend right now finds bridesmaids wearing all different dress lengths and necklines. Consider this when choosing their jewellery. 

Don't match

Gifting your bridesmaid's jewellery is a great opportunity to reflect on each of your relationships and gift them something unique to them. Instead of opting for the same necklace or bracelet, take the time to pick something special for each girl. Maybe a symbol that's of significance to the both or you or their birthstone. This is a great opportunity to get creative and show them how much you care. 

Think about the location

Whether you're travelling to a tropical destination or sticking to your hometown, the location of your wedding can be a sentimental piece of your big day. One customer purchased our tiny pine cone necklaces for their girls because their wedding venue had the word pine in it. Another had us custom-make anklets for their beach wedding. Try playing off of the location you're tying the knot for a unique spin on your bridesmaid jewellery.

Keep it simple

When choosing your bridesmaid jewellery, don't overcomplicate it. Choosing something simple and minimal like an initial necklace or single stone looks elegant and doesn't take away from the other details of your ladies' attire. Remember there's still hair, makeup, the dress and other accessories, too. 

Shop local 

We're huge advocates for shopping local — especially as a small business that thrives from the support of our local community. Pop into a handmade market or small shop that sells handmade goods to seek out something one of a kind for your bridesmaids. Not only are you supporting your local economy, but you'll also likely find a piece that other brides won't have, which will make your girls feel even more special and excited to wear their new jewels.

Let your bridesmaids choose

Let your bridesmaid's individual styles shine by letting them choose their own accessories for your big day. Give them complete freedom by letting them choose whatever they'd like or give them some simple guidelines to follow as to stay on theme. For instance, let them know if you'd like them to opt for gold accessories or perhaps choose something pink to match their dresses. Regardless of how open you are to their style choices, letting your bridesmaids choose their own jewellery is a fun way to highlight their unique styles.