Accessories to Make Your Holiday Outfit Pop

The holiday season is fast approaching, and with it comes holiday shindigs, potlucks and office parties. You’ve mastered the basics of a good holiday outfit, but are looking for something more to bring your style from classy to fun and festive.

Sometimes a few accessories can make all the difference when dressing for an evening out. These stylish add-ons will give your outfit all the sparkle and shine you need this festive season, making your holiday outfit pop!

 1. Hair Clip

Add some bling to your mane with a pretty hair clip like this one by Kit.Sch. For a post-work party, style your hair with this clip to transform your look from work to play in an instant — it even fits in your purse for a last-minute hair pick-me-up. Feeling feisty? Customize the words on the hairclip to say Glam or Dripping in sparkly letters.

 2. Earrings

The tiniest details can help make a big impact with your outfit, and one accessory that never fails to impress is a good pair of earrings. Our maple leaf earrings pair nicely with a simple, sleek dress (think your favourite little black dress), while these gold faux-druzy earrings would be stunning with that sequined gown you’ve been dying to wear.

 3. Scarf

A great way to add that pop of colour or sparkle to your attire is with a gorgeous scarf. This versatile piece of clothing can elevate any look while keeping you warm — yes to layers! It’s fun, festive and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

 4. Necklace

No matter the occasion, the best way to turn a simple outfit into something holiday-ready is popping on a necklace. Don’t be afraid to play with layers adding smaller, dainty chains with a large pendant like our leather tassels, or stick to one bold piece like this amazing leather confetti bib by scandinazn.

 5. Glitter Tights

The holiday season is great to play with festive colours and all things sparkly, and fashion is no exception! Instead of reaching for your go-to pair of black tights, opt for these sparkly ones to give your outfit some glitz and glam.

Getting that perfect holiday look doesn’t always require the flashiest outfits. All you need are a few tiny but mighty details that will accentuate your attire and make you stand out from the crowd.