5 Jewellery Storage DIYs

If you love jewellery, you likely have it stuffed in different places around your home. A box here, a dish here, but nothing that truly shows off your awesome collection. We've rounded up some DIYs to help you get organized and display your jewels in unique and creative ways. 

1. Create Your Own Jewellery Box

This fun DIY lets you turn any box into a fabulous place store your rings and special trinkets. Home decor stores often have a selection of glass or metal decorative boxes, but do not optimize the space inside to store small things. This easy tutorial shows you how to turn an empty box into something special in a few easy steps. 

2. Jewellery Storage Mirror DIY

If you have a large collection of accessories, a small jewelry box or ring dish likely won't cut it. Step it up a notch with this multi-purpose storage mirror. On the outside, it simply looks like a mirror hung on the wall, but look inside and there's optimal storage with hooks for necklaces, shelves for your sunnies and endless possibilities to store your collection. 

3. Clay Hand Ring Dish

Catch-all dishes are great to store jewellery around the house in common spaces like your bedside, bathroom or workspace. And what better way to hold onto your rings and other trinkets than this adorable DIY hand ring dish? The best part, you can customize the manicure to your liking. 

4. Photo Frame Earring Storage

We love the idea of repurposing old things into something new and practical. Whether you paint an old frame a new colour or thrift for something vintage, this DIY is easy to do and will make your jewels truly shine. 

5. DIY Wooden Pyramid Display

This is a simple and modern way to display your more delicate jewellery pieces. It works well for necklaces and could even fit some bracelets on top. Keep it natural with the raw wood or paint it whichever colour you choose.