5 Beauty Hacks for When You Oversleep

We’ve all been there. You stay up late and hit the snooze button one too many times the next morning. Before you know it, you only have 15 minutes to get dressed and pull yourself together for the day. 

These easy beauty hacks for when you’ve overslept can help you look amazing in no time, giving you serious ‘I woke up like this’ vibes. 

1. Dry shampoo (AKA your new best friend)

When you're running short on time, you likely won’t have time to shower. If your hair isn’t looking its best in the A.M, your next best option is dry shampoo. All you need to do is spray some onto your roots and massage into your scalp. You’ll have high-volume, bouncy tresses that are grease-free.

2. Add some bling

Jewellery can make you instantly look more pulled together. So while you’re up and about on those busy mornings, adding a pair of statement earrings in colours like blue, pink and silver can reflect beautifully on your skin and make you look more awake.

3. Keep your makeup in one place

The race to head out the door also means that you have limited time in front of the mirror. For quick and easy access, keep all your makeup staples in one place, so you’re not wasting any time.  A tinted moisturizer for an even skin tone, mascara to look awake and lipstick to liven up your look is all you need for a flawless finish. 

4. Depuff

No time for your complete skin-care routine? No problem. With only a few minutes on the clock, head straight for the freezer and depuff your tired skin by rubbing an ice cube around the orbital areas of your face. A late-night can lead to retention of fluid under the eyes AKA under-eye bags.

5. Dress up your outfit

When your favourite girl boss outfit needs serious ironing, and you’re only left with black pants and a white blouse, adding a statement necklace can turn your look from drab to fab. Minimal is in, and adding an accessory like our pine cone necklace, can make your look for pulled together on days you need a helping hand.