5 Clever Earring Storage Ideas

You know that panicked feeling when you’ve forgotten where you put your favourite pair of earrings? All jewellery lovers dread it—especially when running late. Did you stash them in your purse? In the catch-all tray by your bedside? In the pocket of your jeans? And if you do find them, will you find both of them? Let’s not even think about that.

To avoid the unsettling feeling of misplacing your favourite accessory, you could keep them tucked away in a jewellery box, but there’s always the potential for clutter and tangle mishaps. Instead, a true accessory aficionado should show off their collection so it can be admired and appreciated.

Lucky for you, we’ve found some super chic earring storage ideas for every budget and home décor style!

Wall-mounted jewellery organizer made of wood.

Wooden Jewellery Organizer

This wall-mounted display's understated design and rustic wood grain let your accessories be the focal point. This piece is handmade in Hamilton, Ontario and is fully customizable, from the stain to the hardware. Buy it → 

Honeycomb-shaped wall-mounted earring storage.

Honeycomb Jewellery Organizer

This modern honeycomb-shaped organizer is a gorgeous statement piece on its own. But we know it will look even more eye-catching once you add your accessories! Don’t let the minimalist design fool you either; this beauty can hold up to 60 pairs of earrings! Buy it → 

A gold vintage frame jewellery organizer

DIY Framed Earring Organizer

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but this DIY might just leave you speechless! If you love to thrift, look for a vintage frame on your next shopping trip so you can recreate this timeless display for yourself. Make it → 

Wooden earring organizer with botanical engravings.

Monstera Leaf Jewellery Display

If you have a green thumb and an earring obsession, this is the perfect display for you! The wooden stand is engraved with a stunning monstera leaf design to please any plant parent and pairs beautifully with our own botanical leaf earringsBuy it → 

An embroidery hoop earring display.

Embroidery Hoop Earring Holder

A little lace and an embroidery hoop make for a beautiful display and a practical earring holder. We think it adds an understated elegance to any living space, and it's made even more special you’re your adored accessories. We’re fawning over this handmade creation that features a touch of greenery for that extra luxe feel. Buy it → 

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