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Maple Leaf Necklace

Maple Leaf Necklace

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True North, strong and free – our maple leaf necklaces have all of the above in common with Canada. Skip the tacky souvenir shop and treat yourself to something uniquely Canadian, eh? The process of making these divine necklaces starts with collecting natural leaves from the forest floor. Each leaf is dried then coated in copper to preserve its natural shape then finished in genuine silver or 24k gold. Your "I Love Canada" t-shirt can’t compete – sorry not sorry.

Add a set of matching earrings in the options.


  • Length: 24 inches (breast length)
  • Leaf Size: Ranging from 1-2 inches
  • Material: real maple leaves, silver, 24k gold
  • Care instructions: We don’t recommend getting this necklace wet or wearing it to sleep.


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