Jewellery Lover's Guide To Pearls

Pearls are considered classic for a reason; they are effortless, timeless, and incredibly versatile. They are perfect for every occasion as they can be easily styled into any wardrobe and make beautiful giftsbe it for a birthday (pearls are the June birthstone), a milestone anniversary or just because.

In our collection, we use genuine, AA-grade cultured freshwater pearls. Unlike their spherical saltwater counterparts, these precious stones come in a variety of shapes and sizes with slight imperfections—making them that much more unique and special.

Given the thicker nacre (the technical term for its organic material), freshwater pearls are more durable than saltwater. However, their fragile nature means they require a little extra TLC than the average accessory. Let's dive into some basics.

Caring for Pearl Jewellery

When caring for pearl jewellery, a general rule of thumb is to always wait to put it on until after perfume, lotion and makeup are applied, and remove pieces before sleeping or swimming. This ensures they stay clean and free of harmful substances that may damage their shiny exterior.

Given the delicate nature of pearls, it’s best to avoid abrasive cleaning tools like toothbrushes or other coarse materials. Instead, keep it simple by gently wiping with a microsuede cloth after each wear. This helps the pearl keep its natural lustre without scratching its delicate surface. If your pearls are on the dirtier side, use a damp cloth to wipe them clean and let them air dry before storing them away.

Woman placing a pine cone necklace into a small pink jewellery case.

The surface of a pearl is easily prone to damage from heat and moisture, so make sure they’re kept in a cool, dry spot. A soft jewellery case or bag is ideal for when pearls are not in use, like our compact and stylish Travel Case. To avoid scratches, wrap them in a silk scarf or handkerchief, so long as they are stored separately from other pieces. 

Styling Pearl Jewellery

Now that you know how to care for pearls, you might be wondering how to wear them. Fear not! They can be styled in many ways, but here are a few of our faves:

Gold necklaces laid out on a marble slab.

Pearl Necklace
Our Freshwater Pearl Necklace makes for a stunning statement piece on its own but can also be worn in layers with other chains and pendants. We love to stack our necklaces with 2-3 pieces, each 1-2 inches apart, to create an elegant, layered look.

Tip: Wear with care, as harder gemstones or heavier chains can cause damage to your precious pearl.

The side profile of a young black women wearing pearl hoop earrings.

Pearl Hoop Earrings
We love a classic hoop earring, so we gave it a modern twist with our Freshwater Pearl Hoop EarringsWear them with jeans, a tee for a casual yet elevated look, or an elegant cocktail dress for a romantic evening out.

Tip: These hoop earrings are popular amongst bridal parties and look stunning with any bridesmaid or wedding dress swatch.

Close up of woman's ear wearing a pearl and silver leaf ear jacket.

Faux Pearl Ear Jackets
If you’re looking to dip your toes into the world of pearls but find their maintenance a tad daunting, we offer some playful alternatives featuring faux pearls. We love the mixed materials in our Fern Leaf Ear JacketsWing Ear Jackets and Leaf Ear Jackets as they give an unexpected edge to an everyday outfit. 

Tip: All of our ear jacket earrings are interchangeable with any studs you own! This means you can pair your other Birch favourites with the jacket charm or something from your own collection.

Whether you're just starting with pearl jewellery or are searching for a meaningful gift for someone you care about, one thing that remains true is the elegant gemstone will always be a sophisticated and classic treasure to add to your jewellery box.

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