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Scorpio Season: Your Fall Style Forecast

Fall has arrived in full swing. Winter is fast approaching. As the warm colours fade and the cooler weather settles in, it’s time for one of the fiercest water signs to rise — the passionate and delightful Scorpio.

Whether you are one or know one, the traits of the Scorpio are well-known to those who ascribe to astrology. The Scorpio is categorized as being strong-willed, intuitive, gutsy, and artistic. They often stand out from the crowd, as they are not afraid to wear what they want and express themselves.

An appropriate sign for the times, Scorpio governs transformation and change. It can be hard to keep up with the Scorpio, as they are usually the ones setting the trends! Some of the most notable Scorpios include fashion icons Katy Perry, Kendall Jenner, and Emma Stone. The Scorpio is always one step ahead of the trends, and these gorgeous, strong, talented women are prime examples.

There really is no look too bold or too daring for those that identify strongly with this astrological sign. This year, the biggest trends come to Scorpio in the form of unusual and understated pieces. This lets the personality of the individual shine while also being complemented by conversation-starting styles — think our unique pine cone necklace or maple leaf.

Upcoming shows from Alexander McQueen and Prada are hinting at edgier looks that harken back to the grungy styles of the late 80s and early 90s. Chains, crosses, and lots of silver are on display. The Scorpio can comfortably wear anything from this time period as it fits well into their rebellious nature.

Silver pieces, especially when dotted with jewels and gems, feel very fitting in these colder months of the year. They brighten up blacks and greys and play up muted tones.

Aquamarine, a gemstone long tied to Scorpio, suits silver beautifully. Being a stone that has been said to bring peace and clarity, it complements boisterous personality types and can bring balance to those who wear it.

For those looking for a bit more of a pop of colour to accentuate their fall and winter wardrobes, Topaz is associated with those born under the star sign of the Scorpion. With its mysterious and warm flickers of gold and citrine, it is an eye-catching stone that is said to bring joy and positive energy to those who wear it.

However you choose to adorn yourself during this time of year, may the spirit of the Scorpio allow you to treat your inner rebel, and help you shine all winter long!




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  • Excellent fashion article! I enjoy reading about new trends and things that look great together. Keep these articles coming :)

    Celeste Piquette

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