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Back-To-School Handmade Roundup

The coming of August means that summer is slowly coming to an end. The days feel lazier and nostalgic as we think back on the awesome times spent with friends and family. As things wind down, students are gearing up for a wicked new school year. Regardless of what September holds for you, it’s back-to-school season which means you deserve some new swag for the new year. We’ve rounded up some handmade goodies to help start your studies off right.

1. Backpack by BagyBags

A classic school-time accessory with a grown up twist, this uniquely handmade backpack will carry all your books and snacks for the entire school year. With adjustable straps and an inside ring to store your dorm keys, this pack has seven pockets to keep you organized and always prepared for the day ahead. It’s big enough to fit a laptop and features smaller compartments for your cell phone, wallet and other odds and ends, too. Made in Australia. Buy Here – $140

2. Two Face Jeans by HEIMARBEIT 

Keep your pencils and pens in line with this unique, hand-printed pencil case. Made with a 100% cotton lining and leather accents, this tiny pouch is perfect to store your small bits and doesn’t take up too much space. Made in Germany. Buy Here – $23

3. White Marble Stone Phone Case by Ohio Design Space

In this day and age, we carry our phones everywhere. Sometimes smartphones are even a course requirement – who knew? Change up your style with a sleek stylish faux-stone case. A little bit grownup, a little bit creative and a whole lot of style inspiration for the school year. Made in the USA. Buy Here – $25

4. Grammar Pencil Set by Newton and the Apple

Regardless if you’re in middle school, high school or post-secondary, a girl's gotta know the difference between there, their and they’re. Everyone makes mistakes, which is why these pencils serve as a happy reminder to double check your spelling on a final exam and wiz that quiz like a pro. Made in the United Kingdom. Buy Here – $12

5. Autumn Leaves A5 Notebook by Nikki Strange

Stationary is a real obsession of ours. There are just too many options to choose from. This autumnal themed notebook is ideal for September studies and will quickly be filled with your inspirational thoughts, study notes, and doodles. Made in the United Kingdom. Buy Here – $9

6. Personalized Gold-Dipped Leather Keychain by Made by Perri

Maybe you have one special key that gets you in and out of your dorm room, or maybe you have to keep track of your keys for the car, house, bike lock, work, diary… the point is,  a keychain is handy no matter how many keys you hold. These compact leather key chains can be customized with your initials and favourite colours and will surely help you get a handle on your key situation. Buy Here – $23

7. Pine Cone Necklace by Birch Jewellery

We love autumn which is what inspired us to add these pine cone necklaces to our collection. They’re both rustic-chic and stylish and are perfect for your back-to-school style. Whether you wear it solo or layer it with other pieces, these pine cone necklace are sure to get you plenty of compliments on your first day of school. Made in Canada. Buy Here - $35

8.  Cloud Tea by Tea Heritage

Boost your brain power or relax after a long day of classes with some soothing tea shaped like clouds – because why not? Choose from seven different blends and steep your worries away. Made in France. Buy Here - $11



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